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Strada della Val Bardea, 5 - 43028 Lagrimone di Tizzano V.P. - PARMA
T +39 0521 86 67 60 - F +39 0521 86 67 60


Foto famiglia

The Vescovi's factory was created by the two brothers of the family, Tonino and Paolo, that have decided to follow the 50 years experience of their father Renato, who still work with them, giving an important contribution to every steps of the process to produce the famous "prosciutto di Parma". The combination of the young mentality of the two Vescovi's brothers that pays attention on innovation, and the wisdom of Renato, the Vescovi's father, plus the use of land resources are the secrets and the power of this company that, even not so old, boasts a timeless tradition. The building is located in Lagrimone (Tizzano Val Parma) and this position is essential to produce a natural and genuine product, since the clean and fresh air of these mountains is essential during the delicate process of ageing. The Vescovi's family is strongly attached to traditions and this is reflected in their Prosciutto(ham): the perfume very intense and clean like the air of mountains that surround this area, the aspect is simple but well-done in every details. Furthermore the Vescovi Renato's Factory is not only expert in producing hams but also another product,"culaccia con cotenna", that is considered to be the best part of the ham itself.

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